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RRW ADversary™: American Apparel - Why little girls dressed in ANYTHING outside AA is wrong...

**WARNING: Many of these images are suggestive and sexually explicit in nature. Please view at your own discretion** Ah, yes... the long awaited explanation as to why RRW™ felt the tutu dancing promotional event outside an American Apparel store in the Los Angeles area on June 13, 2010 was inappropriate.  

The MENsTruAL Issue: KOTEX for Tweens? Overcoming Our Shame & Confronting Reality

...People are concentrating so much on the sparkles that they’re totally missing out on the most important aspects of this whole thing. What about the positive moves Kotex is making? We live in a society that teaches women to be ashamed and secretive about their periods, and teaches men to cringe, shudder and freak out at the mere mention of such things. Why is this still tolerated?...  

A Different Take: The Eminem/Rihanna Video

A huge amount of controversy has been surrounding the recent release of the music video 'Love the Way You Lie' by Eminem, featuring singer Rihanna. The subject of the piece is domestic violence within a dangerously dysfunctional relationship, which is rather poignant considering the 'narrators' of the video, Eminem and Rihanna, both have individual histories with abuse. Many have asked why this pair would go and do a video like this – namely, Rihanna – so soon after experiencing a painful run-in with abuse herself.