The MENsTruAL Issue: KOTEX for Tweens? Overcoming Our Shame & Confronting Reality



I read a headline this past week that really made me pause.

KOTEX has launched a brand new line of feminine products for… Tweens.

Yup, you read that right. Tweens. 9 to 12 year-old preteens in the midst of the awkward in-between childhood and adolescence stage. Under the parameters of an outdated gender binary system, some call it the ‘too old for toys, too young for boys’ demographic.

Perhaps your reactions were similar to mine when I first read that headline? I cringed
. One of the first comments I read was from a woman on Facebook who was complaining about Kotex making ‘glittery tampons’ for pre-teens. WHAT?! Outrageous! But wait… [pause]… Don’t believe everything you read/hear... (read on...)


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