The latest in television advertising ridiculousness...

Carl's Jr.'s Claim: 'More than a piece of meat.'


Really, Carl's Jr? How noble of you. We KNEW you appreciated us for more than just our bodies!

Time to out the culprits....

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When fast food gets in the fast lane (LA Times):

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Britain’s Next Top Model: From anorexic ideal to openly anorexic

From blog:

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**Trigger warning**


This is a tragic and sobering reminder that we must be vigilant and careful with our use of social media and the internet.

Asia McGowen Murdered by Stalker Who Had Been Using YouTube and Facebook To Threaten Her


Be careful, ALLIES™... :-(

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Why Whoopi rocks our world & why she should probably rock yours, too!

When Whoopi's personal style was bashed in a recent publication of
TVGuide Magazine, Ms. Goldberg had some choice words for her critics.

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I've waited long enough to write about this… and I think it's high time that I do so.

PRO-ANA Slogans:

"Think thin,"
"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"
"I only feel beautiful when I'm starving"
"Dying to be thin"
"Stay Strong. Starve On"
"Because the mirror hurts worse than starving"

After talking to many, many people about REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™, most of them had one thing in common – no one knew what "Pro-Ana," meant. Do you?

The reason I've hesitated to write about this subject until now is because I feared that teaching people about these unhealthy organizations may actually spark interest in some. I also didn't want to cause those who identify as "pro-ana" to feel unwelcome by REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™. RRW™ is here for everyone at all stages of recovery (or in some cases, lack thereof). We embrace those who have struggled with body-image, those who have had eating disorders, and everyone in between. We are in this fight together.

"Pro-Ana" stands for pro-anorexia and "Pro-Mia" stands for pro-bulimia. These groups are underground movements who run websites, blogs and online profiles, existing solely to support the efforts of those with bulimia and anorexia by posting photos of emaciated celebrities, tips on how to purge and starve oneself, and most striking, pictures posted by every-day girls showing their own ailing bodies with bones protruding in all directions. These circles go by many names, but some of the most common ones are: thinspiration, thinspo, pro-thinspo, pro-ana, and pro-mia.

I never knew about pro-ana sites until after my ED (eating disorder) had improved and I wasn't in as vulnerable of a state. Then again, I recall memories of cutting out images in magazines of women I wished I looked like and creating giant mosaics across my bedroom walls. These were my "thinspiration" before I even understood what it meant.

Girls telling one another "Stay Strong" is only one of the many common phrases used by pro-ana followers. Stay strong means to stay in control of your appetite and body. "Think thin" is yet another common phrase in pro-ana circles.

… Which brings me to my final point. While walking through my favorite grocery store yesterday, Trader Joes, I noticed a new diet bar under their brand name. It's called, "Think Thin" and it nearly stopped my heart from beating when I read those words. I wanted to cry. In my own struggles as well as the research I've done for RRW™, I couldn't believe it. I've sent a letter to the company explaining the detrimental effects that such a product could have, most especially in a place like Los Angeles. I encourage all of you to do the same.

The reason I'm writing this is because we need to know what we're up against and what is out there.

Pro-ana groups prey on vulnerability and operate to sustain the damage that the media is doing to women's self-esteem. Although RRW™ applauds a handful of companies who have taken a gamble on using more realistic images of women in their marketing, much more must be done. REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™ is a movement that is for a complete overhaul of the system, and we're not slowing down anytime soon.

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