For decades, female athletes have had a number of tough battles on their hands -- to be taken seriously and regarded as equals in the world of competitive sports and athletics. Still today, women are not allowed to participate in this Olympic sport due to the wrongful judgment of the International Olympics Committee. We say, GET WITH THE TIMES already!

Now, a team of young women are out there fighting to gain gender equality in ski jumping -- the only Olympic sport that has yet to recognize women.

Below is the film trailer for 'Ready to Fly' and the story behind it...

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We begin in 1996. An intrepid 10-year-old stands above a steeply sloping strip of snow, and two tracks that end suddenly. Stomach churning, heart racing, she points her skis down, pushes off the bar, drops into a low crouch, and explodes off the final lip. As she soars into the air, Lindsey Van begins a journey that will change the world.

Through triumphs and tragedies, shattered records and fractured vertebrae, hollow promises and a broken heart, this reluctant hero will persevere. And just when all is lost — when the world has turned on her, bigoted old men have shattered her dreams, and all the fight has ebbed from her battered body — she will find new hope in a startling, green-eyed protégé.

Buoyed by the fierce determination of 15-year-old Sarah Hendrickson, Van will redouble her efforts. Not for herself this time, but for young Sarah, and all the women who will come after them. Together, these two will lead a multi-generational effort to give young women the ability to pursue their dreams.

A portion of the proceeds from the film will go to support Women’s Ski Jumping USA.

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