PETA can't seem to help themselves. I mean, with so many women in the world there's just too little time to abuse and exploit all of our bodies and self-esteem... all in the name of animal rights! Riiiiiight....

We're really getting sick of having to report on this sort of garbage, but because it's important that people are informed of the disrespectful tactics companies and media are using to promote products and campaigns, we feel a responsibility to inform you. And let's be honest -- the production quality on PETA's latest stunt is SO bad it's embarrassing. Really going for the at-home, do-it-yourself porn look are we, PETA?

They've angered us before, but this time, PETA has taken things to an entirely new level. It's one thing to see the final product, an offensive, yet polished ad, poster or commercial, but what we have here is a sketchy behind-the-scenes sneak peek (no pun intended) of what went into one of their oh-so-brilliant campaigns.

Girl smashing tomatoes all over herself. Pssst.... Hey PETA! Just so you know, tomatoes are FRUIT.

Remember this a while back? PETA's banned 'Veggie Sex' Super Bowl ad showcasing women lusting after and rubbing vegetables all of their bodies, all in an effort to encourage the public to 'Go VEG' because 'vegetarians have better sex.' Albeit degrading and flat out ridiculous, the production quality was much better than one might have expected. That being said, instead of doing another one this year, they decided to go an even trashier route and post edited clips of women auditioning for the 'Veggie Sex' ad. The viewer watches as a male directs mostly naked women to stand before the camera and show their bodies from the front, side and finally turn in a full 360 degrees. Then we hear a man say, 'Why don't you pick a vegetable and show us how much you love it.'

Seeing that PETA is an organization whose mission is supposedly compassionate towards other living things, it boggles our minds that they continue to take the trashy, degrading marketing route that they do. Seeing an actual recording of ordinary women being used and played with for the male gaze and enjoyment is really upsetting. But by an animal rights organization???

Without further adieu, you may view the new video here. PLEASE watch at your own discretion for the content is graphic in nature.


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